About US

FLIPNCODE is a strategy and product firm helping clients close the gap between ambition and reality.

FLIPNCODE by the Numbers


Consultants across design, delivery, and software engineering


Average years of experience across members of our team


Digital products delivered into the real world


Years of partnership with our longest-standing clients


Independently directed, owned, and governed


Contributed to nonprofits and mission-aligned organizations

We bring digital experiences to life

Our Promise

Clients trust FLIPNCODE to deliver innovative solutions that solve the most complex business problems. That trust runs deep and results in partnerships that span decades. We’re here to help guide you through every step of the way, ensure you make the right decisions, and more importantly, deliver the digital products you need.
When you partner with us, we treat your success like our own. That’s why we make these four promises:
We act as one team
Great products require great collaboration, and great collaboration requires trust. We earn yours from day one, welcoming you into every step of our process.
We mind the money
No surprises, just the most value for the dollar. We provide transparency into the risks, budget, scope, and progress of a product so you understand clearly how things are going.
We ask hard questions
Tech only works if it’s right for your business. During discovery, we dig in to eliminate ideas that don’t add value and find opportunities for real impact
We give you control
Part of our work involves preparing your team to take the driver’s seat. With FLIPNCODE as a partner, you own your success.

OUR Approach

Pragmatic innovation starts with actionable insights drawn from the diverse experiences of real people. That’s why we center people from the start—identifying the most critical challenges to address—then leverage our expertise to the solutions that create the most value financially and socially.


Do people find the product valuable? Does it address their needs? Does it fit into their lives and work? Does the experience make them care?


Can it be built? How much will it cost? How long will it take? How lean can it go?

What amount of change will it drive? What impact will it create? How it will affect desired outcomes? Is it meaningfully different from the competition?

Does it support organisational goals? Is it commercially viable and financially sustainable? Is it extensible beyond this iteration?

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